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Easy to install and use, the Energy Wedge­™ system is compatible with most standard overhead garage doors. The durable construction and materials ensure long-lasting and reliable performance, providing you peace of mind.


Our commercial Energy Wedge­™ system is made for commercial overhead doors that stand over 12ft tall. 


Each Energy Wedge­™ kit gives you everything you will need to seal ONE commercial overhead door. 


Our patented product is a game changer for garage owners. On average the Energy Wedge­™ can save you over $400 of heating costs per year after installation. Additionally, the product substantially lowers the risk of break in and the risk of mice and other rodents entering your garage. 


Buy your Energy Wedge­™ kit today and see how much you can save!

Commercial Door Kit. Want to pre-order?

Color: Zinc
New product expected by the end of June 2024.
  • ­The Energy Wedge­™ is a garage door attachment that locks your garage door in place sealing your garage from the elements.


    2 - Upper wall mounted J Brackets.

    2 - Lower wall mounted J Brackets.

    4- Door mounted A Brackets.

    4- Rollers.

    2 - 3/8" X 5 1/8" Stainless Steel Pins

    All fasteners included.

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