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How to install the Energy Wedge® System

The Energy Wedge® is an easy-to-install product that can be done by almost anyone with a toolbox. Click our how-to video below to see the step-by-step process to installing your very own Energy Wedge® System. Haven't bought your Energy Wedge® Kit yet? Click the button below!

Step by step on how to install your Energy Wedge® System

Garage Sealed has a simple installation process that can be done with just a drill and the tools provided in your kit. Check out the video above to see a visual of the step-by-step installation process. Have any questions? contact our team today and we are more than happy to help answer any questions that may arise.

Watch the video above for a visual step-by-step: 
Note: This product is to be installed on sectional overhead doors only


Tools required:

  • 1x Hammer (for pounding in pins)

  • 1x Drill for screwing in parts and drilling in pins

  • 1x 7/16” socket for installing lag bolts and self-tapping screws

  • 1x ½” socket for installing the Nut and bolt

  • 1x 3/8” concrete bit for installing pins

  • 1x Level

Step 1)

Unplug the garage door opener (if available)

Step 2)

Locate the bottom roller pin on the garage door 

Step 3) 

Push the door tight against the existing weather seal as you are drilling

Step 4)

Drill a hole in concrete using a 3/8” concrete bit. Hold the drill bit tight against the roller pin at approximately a 30-degree angle from the door. You will be drilling towards the door. The hole should be 1” - 1 ½” in depth

Step 5)

Install 3/8” stainless steel pin by dropping it in the hole, and tap with a hammer if necessary. The pin should be set firmly. Adhesive can be added if the pin is loose 

Step 6)

Locate the second panel from the top 

Step 7)

Using lag bolts, install “J” brackets onto the wall. Brackets should be located against the track at the center point of the second panel from the top 

Step 8)

Level and install “A” brackets onto door at the mid-point of the “J” Bracket with the self-tapping screws

Step 9)

Loosely attach the “C” bracket to the “A” bracket using the nuts and bolts provided

Step 10)  

Remove 1 rubber washer from the roller pin and insert the roller pin into the "C" bracket

Step 11)
Re-install rubber washer on roller pin


Step 12)

Push the door tight against the existing weather seal. Adjust and level the “C” bracket until the roller wheel is snug inside of the “J” bracket and tighten the “C” bracket nuts

Step 13) 

Pull the release handle on the garage door opener for manual mode (if available)

Step 14)

Manually operate the door to verify door is operating smoothly and sealing tight

Step 15)

Plug the garage door opener (if available) back in and cycle it twice

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