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Energy Wedge­™

Seal in Comfort, Lock out the Cold

Heating a Garage or Shop?

Introducing the Energy Wedge­™! The  affordable and effective solution for ensuring that your garage doors are well-sealed against the cold and keeping the heat inside where it belongs. Our customers love the easy installation process, the immediate improvement in energy efficiency, and the cost savings on their energy bills!

Garage Sealed Has The Solution to Save on Your Heating Costs

The Energy Wedge­™ by Garage Sealed is a patented garage door attachment that wedges your garage door in place, sealing your garage from the elements. Our patented design has been extensively tested, using real-world trials, and will provide top-quality results after installation.


The Energy Wedge­™ system is designed to significantly reduce heat loss in your garage, and also helps reduce dust and dirt from blowing into your garage space.


The Energy Wedge­™ is a great system for homeowners experiencing cold climates and high wind conditions from storms and hurricanes. 


The average  homeowner can save up to $85 a month on heating costs just by installing the Energy Wedge­™ system.

What is the Energy Wedge

Sealing Warmth, Saving Energy:
The Story of the Energy Wedge­™

Welcome to the birthplace of the Energy Wedge­™, a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize thermal efficiency in buildings. Our journey began in the unlikeliest of places – the warehouse of an overhead door company. Here, our founder, while working in an office, encountered a common yet overlooked problem: cold air, steam, and snow intruding through the edges of professionally installed overhead doors. Curiosity piqued, he learned that despite precise adjustments, a gap remained, allowing precious heat to escape.

Determined to tackle this inefficiency, our inventor embarked on a quest for a solution. After several iterations, success was achieved with the creation of the Energy Wedge­™. This ingenious device, first installed on the very doors that sparked its inception, proved to be a remarkable success in preserving indoor heat.

Motivated by this breakthrough, we are now dedicated to offering this solution to a wider audience. Our mission is to help homeowners maintain cozy, energy-efficient garages and assist commercial building owners in significantly reducing their heating costs. Join us in embracing a warmer, more sustainable future with the Energy Wedge­™.

What Energy Wedge­™ Protects From


High Energy Costs

The average Home owner can save over $4,000 after 10 years of having installed the Energy Wedge­™.


Your garage becomes a funnel during high winds. Garage Sealed protects your door and everything in it. Keep wind out with the Energy Wedge­™ System.

Sand & Dirt

Dirt and sand will blow through the gaps around the door and settle in leaving your garage a mess

Rodents & Pests

Rodents find their way into small openings and can destroy everything in your garage. Seal them out with the Energy Wedge­™ System.

Grey Garage Door

Energy Wedge­™
Can Pay For Itself

Average Energy Wedge­™ users can save up to $400 a year from reduced heating costs. For the average home with a one-stall garage, our product can pay itself off in less than a year.

Garage Sealed Reviews

I had two large garage doors and had the Energy Wedge­™ system by Garage Sealed installed on both. They work amazingly! I live on a hill and the wind used to blow through the garage all the time. Since the installation, it completely fixed and now my shop is much more comfortable and efficient to heat. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you! 

Joel B - Home Owner

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