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Garage Sealed 

Keeping the People and Things You Love, Safe and Secure.

What Is Garage Sealed?

Garage Sealed is a patented garage attachment that locks your garage door in place; sealing your garage from the elements. Our patented design has been extensively tested, using real-world trials, and will provide top-quality results after installation. Garage Sealed significantly lowers the risk of break-ins, reduces the pests and rodents inside your garage, and can prevent the spread of fire. Additionally, the average Garage Sealed customer has saved up to $85 a month just from installing our device.

What is GarageSealed
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Significantly Lowers the Risk of Break-Ins 

Our unique design severly reduces garage break-ins and burglaries. 

Slashes Your Average Heating Bill

The average Garage Sealed user can expect to save up to $400 a year after installing our product.

Powerful Durability That Can Stop a Hurricane

Stop worrying about your garage during storms. Garage Sealed will keep those wind gusts at bay leaving your family with peace of mind.

Easy to Install

Garage Sealed can be installed by the  and fits with almost every type of garage door. 

Why Install Garage Sealed?


What Garage Sealed Protects From

High Energy Costs

The average Garage Sealed owner will save over $4,000 after 10 years of having installed Garage Sealed.


Your garage becomes a funnel during high winds. Garage Sealed protects your door and everything in it. Keep wind out with Garage Sealed.

Theft & Burglary

The average garage break in takes less than 10 seconds. Garage Sealed makes it almost impossible.


Fires require 3 things to burn. Heat, fuel, and oxygen. Sealing your garage can help reduce the risk of fires and the risk of a fire spreading.

Rodents & Pests

Rodents find their way into small openings and can destroy everything in your garage. Seal them out with Garage Sealed.

Sand & Dirt

Dirt and sand will blow through the gaps around the door and settle in leaving your garage a mess

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Garage Sealed
Can Pay For Itself

Average Garage Sealed users can save up to $400 a year from reduced heating costs. For the average home with a one-stall garage, our product can pay itself off in less than a year.

Garage Sealed Reviews

I had two large garage doors and had the Garage Seal system installed on both. They work amazingly! I live on a hill and the wind used to blow through the garage all the time. Since the installation, it completely fixed and now my shop is much more comfortable and efficient to heat. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you! 

Joel B - Home Owner

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Garage Sealed is 
Proudly Made in the USA

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